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Asparagus is a perennial native the world ‘round.

From South Africa and Siberia to the U.S. and Spain, this versatile veggie is prized not only for its gastronomic pleasures, but also its homeopathic properties. In ancient Egypt and Rome the plant, also known as Sparrow Grass, was used for everything from a diuretic to an aphrodisiac. It was so valued, in fact, that Roman Emperor Augustus created the “Asparagus Fleet” for the sole purpose of transporting the plant. He is also credited with the first use of the phrase “faster than cooking asparagus.” The infamous Madame de Pompadour, mistress of Louis XV of France, was particularly fond of the delicate tips of the asparagus, calling them “points d’amour,” or love tips.

Asparagus is so versatile that it can be steamed, simmered, roasted, battered, grilled, sautéed or wok-fried. It can even be sliced thinly and added to a salad. For the best ways to prepare your “sparrow grass,” click here for a guide to preparation by David Tanis and published in the New York Times. You should also click here for a fantastic recipe for Spanish Asparagus Revuelto.  Enjoy!

New “Home” on the Web

In addition to our move to the Ohio Statehouse, we also have a new website.  Visit for a list of vendors and their products, a map of the market, and news and recipes.

Spotlight on the Sponsor

We are super excited about our move to the Ohio Statehouse.  We couldn’t ask for a better partner than the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB), the entity that oversees the Statehouse buildings and grounds.  CSRAB is also charged with preserving the history of our unique Capitol Square and maintaining the memorials and artistic installations.

“The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB) is excited to host the 26th season of Pearl Market on Capitol Square,” says Laura Battocletti, Executive Director of CSRAB.

“Visitors to Pearl Market this year will in a way be going back in time. The public square or market square is a fundamental part of the American experience. In the 19th century, citizens would gather on the square to exchange news, buy goods and sell their produce; the square was the center of civic life in the community. In 2018 visitors to Pearl Market will once again be able to participate in the oldest of community events right here on Capitol Square. Welcome to the Statehouse, Pearl Market!”

Get Your Nosh on at the Market

Shopping the market is made more convenient by the inclusion of your favorite food trucks.  This year The Pearl Market is proud to partner with the following mobile meal providers:

OH! Burgers

Burgers made with Ohio-raised, grass-fed beef, OH! Chips, and more!

Paddy Wagon

Delicious brisket, tacos, and grilled cheese made from 100% locally-sourced ingredients!


Famously fresh, made-to-order pitas, fries, salads, and desserts!

Tortilla Street Food

Burritos, tacos, nachos, salads, quesadillas!  Mexican street food on the go!

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Welcome to The Pearl Market at the Statehouse!

The Pearl Market is thriving as it opens its 26th season on Friday, May 25. The market is moving to the historic Ohio Statehouse temporarily during the Rhodes State Office Tower renovation. All season long, you’ll find local foods and handcrafted items downtown on the north plaza of Statehouse. The market runs Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:30 am – 2:00 pm through October 12.

Look to our farmers for produce ranging from berries and asparagus early in the season to corn and apples later. Visit our merchants for baked goods like doughnuts, brownies, cookies, pies and bread. Pick up jewelry, clothing and handmade items from one of our artisans. Grab a cup of coffee or lunch from one of our food trucks. And don’t forget Fido! You can find homemade dog treats at Pearl Market, too.

“We have a great season in store,” said Market Manager Dustin Speakman. “Pearl Market has doubled the number of farmers, offering twice the amount of fresh produce. In addition, shoppers will find delicious cooking demonstrations from Graze using fresh local ingredients as well as simple, tasty recipes you can prepare at home.”


Get prepared for the 2018 Pearl Market

This week, you can grab one of our new market bags by stopping either Credit Union of Ohio at 152 E. Broad St., or Heartland Bank at 101 S. High St. These market sponsors will give out bags until supplies run out.

If you don’t get there this week, you can always check with farmers at the market, who will be distributing the bags to customers. You’ll love this year’s fun and whimsical bag design promoting our new location to the Ohio Statehouse.

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