Bright as a Canary, Melon that is!

Melons are plentiful this time of year. One unusual melon I spotted at Fornof Farm Market last week is the Canary melon. Also known as Spanish melon, Juan Canary and Amarillo, Canary melons have large, bright-yellow exterior with a pale green to white inner flesh and sweet like a cantaloupe.

Canary melons, which offer a good supply of vitamins A and C and fiber, are best in fresh preparations such as cold soups and salads. The mellow sweetness and slight tart flavors are enhanced with herbs such as basil, mint, cilantro as well as hot chilies and nuts.

To store, keep uncut melons at room temperature until fully ripe then refrigerate up to five days. Refrigerate cut melon in a covered container for up to three days.

I found a few recipes online to prepare soups and salads with Canary melons. Here’s a recipe from Martha Stewart for a Melon and Cucumber Salad, and another for Canary Melon Soup with Mint Coulis from Eats Writes Shoots.

Thanks for shopping at the Pearl Market!

A few of Our Favorite Things

We want to share some of our favorite picks from last week’s Pearl Market. Starting top left they include Simple Times Mixers (the Pineapple Mule mixed with Coconut Rum is delicious), Camelot Cellars Winery (I chose the Yakima Valley Pinot Gris), “Feed Your Focus” t-shirt from Simple Trinity Clothing and finally this made me smile, the over-sized chocolate chip cookie with a happy pineapple from Yvonne’s Cookies.

Enter to Win a Market Bag of Goodies this Tuesday!

Stop by The Pearl Market tent on the Statehouse plaza each Tuesday to enter a raffle.We filled a Pearl Market shopping bag with good stuff from participating farmers and merchants. Get your chance to take home this bag by entering the raffle!

Winners will be notified at 1:45 PM each Tuesday so they can collect their bag!

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