Your Guide to Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee


Every day Americans drink more than 300 million cups of coffee, the majority of those cups are brewed at home. Yet most of us are missing out on a great cup of coffee.


In an ideal world you would buy small amounts of green coffee beans, roast them yourself, and grind them immediately before brewing. However, most of us buy larger quantities of roasted beans than we can use in a few days.

Keys to the perfect cup of coffee:

Properly store the beans. The oils in coffee beans are water soluble-which gives us the flavor in the cup- but damp conditions will taint the oils. So don’t store them in the refrigerator because moisture will condense on the surface of the container. The freezer is no better. Coffee is porous and can easily absorb flavors and moisture from your freezer. It’s best to keep beans at room temperature.

Tightly seal beans. Another enemy of coffee is oxygen. Once the coffee has been ground, much more of its surface area is exposed to air, which means that the oils begin to evaporate along with the flavor. To help keep your beans keep their flavor, place in an air tight container and away from light.

Grind what you brew. For the freshest taste grind the beans immediately before you brew.  In an ideal world, it best to keep only 2 weeks worth of coffee on hand at a time.

Two Roasting Joe’s believes everyone deserves a fresh cup of coffee and is on a mission to educate fellow coffee drinkers on how to get the best cup. For more information, visit their website.

Their website also offers some great recipes, including how to make Cold Coffee. See all the recipes here.

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A Few of Our Favorite things: 

We want to share some of our favorite picks from last week’s Pearl Market. Starting top left they include Biscuits on Tap, flavorful dog treats made from North High Brewing Company grains for our pooch, colorful cherry tomatoes from Fornof Farm Market,  Aunt Vicki’s Peach Pie (Yum!) and Flora Go Go’s colorful potted flowers.


Cooking Demo August 24

Chef Asa from Graze is at it again. He will be at Pearl Market this Friday with samples of his Ohio Chicken Corn Club made with kale, corn relish, spicy tomato jam, sweet corn crema, lettuce, tomato and bacon on a brioche bun. You can meet the chef and grab a recipe card to make this dish at home. We will also have a video of how he prepared this dish in next week’s Pearl Market newsletter.




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Music at the Market

Thanks to its partnership with entertainment sponsors the Greater Columbus Arts Council and Capstone Dental, The Pearl Market provides customers and vendors with live, local entertainment each market day.  Here’s who will be playing this week:

Tuesday August 21, 2018
Anna & The Consequences

Friday August 24,  2018
Colin John

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