The Skinny on Ribs, Bacon and all things Pork!

Who doesn’t love pork? Whether its bacon, ribs, pork roast with sauerkraut or a nice thick bone-in pork chop, it’s easy to cook and adaptable to just about any recipe. Depending on the cut, pork can be very tender and juicy (think pork chop) or crispy brown (umm bacon!).

Different cuts of pork vary in their nutritional value. Three ounces tenderloin, the leanest cut of pork, is as lean as skinless chicken breast at 120 calories and only 1 gram of saturated fat. The same amount of bacon has 466 calories, 12 grams of saturated fat and 1870 mg of sodium! So even though they both come from the same animal, tenderloin and bacon nutritionally speaking are two different animals.

Lean cuts of pork include the word “loin” like pork tenderloin or loin chop. A serving of pork tenderloin is a good source of protein, thiamine, vitamin B6, phosphorous and niacin while low in sodium. Though cured or fatty meats don’t have the same nutrients, eating bacon or sausage occasionally or using them to put flavor in a dish is a great idea.

Nothing is better than knowing your pork is locally raised and butchered. That’s why we love Happy Hogs Premium Pork. Located in Hillsboro, this family farm is dedicated to bringing Pearl Market shoppers their homegrown meats to your dinner table.

So, crank up the grill and get ready to cook some brats, ribs and chops supplied by Happy Hogs Premium Pork. Brandon will get you set up with the meat. Here are a couple recipes for pork chops by Taste of Home and the Food Network and this easy recipe for Short Cut BBQ Ribs on Delish.

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