What’s Fresh?  ASPARAGUS

Did you know that asparagus stalks can grow 6 inches in a single day?? Once established it practically rockets out of the ground, but it is the patient gardener who will reap the hearty rewards – not until its third year in the ground does asparagus produce abundantly. But be ready to harvest 6-8 inch stalks daily for 4-6 weeks with a mature asparagus plant!

With unusual scale-like leaves and a difficult-to-chew fibrous stalk, asparagus seems an unlikely contender for anyone’s favorite vegetable – but that’s exactly what it has become!  At the market, it’s easy to tell how fresh it is by looking at the “scaly” tip – if the ends are whole, plump, and not wilted, it’s ripe!

At Pearl Market

Fornof Farms has your asparagus needs covered!  Toss some tips into an omelet with local eggs from Veggies and Eggs by Dan, and top it off with some homemade salsa from Mayhem Foods!

Recipe Ready

Keep it simple to show off how hearty, tender, and savory this delectable veg is. Dinner is done in 15 min! (Hint: asparagus is even more delicious on the grill, click here or on photo below for the recipe!)

Looking Forward

Well, no big deal but…See you Friday, our Opening Day!

SAVE THE DATE:  Cooking demonstrations, recipes, and sampling by the OSU James Mobile Food Education Kitchen on Gay Street next Friday, May 31st, week featuring produce from Pearl Market!

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