Sloppy Goats!

Sloppy Joes are a summer staple – but have you tried Sloppy Goats?

Using goat meat is a healthier choice since it is lower both in caloric value and fat than traditional beef. Substituting goat for
beef could reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer (which have all been linked to high red meat consumption).

Get your goat from either BYOB Home Bakery (Robert) or Dutch Creek Goat Farm (Amy). Also, if you haven’t yet sampled Amy’s goat’s milk fudge, now’s the time!

Robert gave us this recipe he uses for his homemade Sloppy Goats. Catch him on Tuesday, July 2nd for samples! (he’s on Gay St close to High)Sloppy Goats Recipe

Robert at BYOB Home Bakery uses this recipe for his homemade Sloppy Goats!

Posted by Sam Sharkey

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