City Meadows Market Garden

We’re so happy to have this small, urban, organic farm at Pearl Market. Read on for more of their story!
“As stewards of the Earth we are passionate about tending the fields,” says Christine, one of the owners of the family-run urban farm. “We want to be a business that cultivates sustainability and use manual methods to work the land to curb the use of fossil fuels.”

Her manual labors of love are under the green canopies of the Gay St trees at Pearl Market. Green not only in their sustainable methods, City Meadow Market Garden’s plot has a knack for producing vitamin-rich leafy greens. The couple, Christine and Sean, always have a table stocked with leafy greens including tender lettuce, new (to me!) Siberian kale, and rainbow swiss chard.  My personal favorite is their BokChoy, which has in a single stalk the crunch of celery and soft deliciousness of a bib salad leaf!

Permaculture-based growing techniques produce a wide variety of organic produce – vegetables like heirloom tomatoes, beets, and peppers in addition to their varied greens.  At a 3 acre farm in Hungarian Village on Columbus’s urban south side, the garden is tended with care using natural fertilizers and compost. What’s safe for Christine and her young family is safe for us here at Pearl Market!

Talk about labor intensive! Without chemicals, pests and weeds are managed by hand (and the occasional flame-thrower!) which means lots of time spend outside. Even without a family to look after and landscape design school, farming is an intensive process. Sean and Christine both had their doubts before starting their second year of growing in April. “We can plant all we want, but don’t know how much is going to come up,” shared Sean at the beginning of spring. Farmers all over have felt the pinch this year because of heavy rains and flooding.

But this family’s lot, because of their hard work, is abundant. Pick up the crispest greens at the market, ask Christine about OSU’s Master Gardener workshop, or leave room for a seedling to put in your own garden. My watermelon seedling is very happy in its new backyard! Christine is always happy to talk or teach about any of her fun projects.

“I love to get my hands dirty and cultivate something that is tangible.”

Thanks for sharing, City Meadows!

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