What’s Fresh? Apples

This is not a drill – autumn is here (despite the 90° temps🔥) and with it, the most midwestern fruit of the season! Ginger gold, MacIntosh, Gala, and many more apple varieties just will just keep coming to us from the farmer’s orchards.

Whichever variety you need to bake grandma’s apple pie or to sweeten up a simple salad, you’ll find them here! Suzie at The Farmstead Market is an apple expert with pears to boot. Kelly at Shady Grove Farms (ask about their CSA!) and David at Fornof Farms have even more!

Recipe Ready
🍎Classic: Homemade Apple Pie. P.S. – have you ever just eaten the filling? SO good!😇

🍏 This Autumn Apple Salad has all the flavors of fall. Plus, I like the chef’s tip of using 7-Up to keep sliced apples fresh – who knew?!😂

🍁Try Shaved Brussels & Apple Salad for a fresh yet savory seasonal transition.

Posted by Michelle Chippas

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