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Pearl Market:

  • connects urban residents to affordable, healthy food

  • helps local farmers and entrepreneurs grow their business

  • supports Columbus, OH as a vibrant, safe, and beautiful destination

Our Mission

In 1989 the Lynn & Pearl Alley Growers’ Association made up of local farmers set up shop across the street from the Ohio Statehouse, providing transit users and downtown workers with easy access to fresh, affordable produce. In 2001 the market allowed local artisans to join the abundance, contributing to a festival atmosphere with something for everyone. Historic Pearl Alley now serves as the backdrop for sustainable “shop local” principles that lift up our whole community with continued access to healthy, farm-fresh foods and innovative seller ideas. The naturally diverse populations converging downtown have a place to meet their neighbors, support local farmers, and get outside!

To strengthen all types of people and families, Pearl Market is proud to accept SNAP and WIC benefits. We also offer free fruits and vegetables through an Ohio program called Produce Perks (up to $20 per day) when you use your SNAP card at market. Learn more about our daily offerings below.

As a Non Profit

Pearl Market is run by the 501(c)3 designated Capital Crossroads – Special Improvement District.

The “Cap Crossroads SID” supports the development of a safe, clean, attractive, unique and easily accessible downtown which serves as the foundation of business, residential, cultural and entertainment centers of the region.  We see Columbus as one of the premier downtowns in the nation.

You’ll see our Safety Ambassadors on their bike patrols, the Clean Team watering flower beds, and Homeless Outreach officers connecting those in need with food, health, and housing resources. And that’s just the surface! Find out more about the services the “SID” provides by clicking below.

Our Values

Discovery. Come to market to find a quiet moment in your busy day, take inspiration from local artisans, or sample an unfamiliar recipe. Whether learning how to prepare food from a different culture or waiting in line for your favorite (popcorn, perhaps?), we’re confident you’ll uncover a reason to smile!

Responsibility. Affordable, nutritious, and sustainable food and fodder grows out of local economies and relationships. Pearl Market is a convenient, inclusive, authentic marketplace honoring the diversity of needs and peoples of downtown Columbus.

Local Economy. Your time and dollars at Pearl Market support your neighbors (aka the entrepreneurs among us)! Studies show that every local dollar spent returns $3 to the same community- creating more sustainable, higher paying jobs.

. Our farmers and artists make their wares themselves so the freshest, most unique, and innovative products are at your fingertips. Everything is made with love in Columbus and Ohio! 

. Your time and your dollars are perhaps the greatest power you have in a capitalist society, and you have the freedom to spend them! Pearl Market gives you the best options to spend your capital by offering a wide array of experiences like classes, raffles,and live music and products like local fruit, bread, and art.


get involved

Are you a downtown aficionado, a Columbus business owner with expertise to share, or simply someone who enjoys good food?

Whatever your role in our downtown community, there’s a place for you at Pearl Market!

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