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thriving, not just surving

Freedom a la Cart is a Columbus-based small business dedicated to employing and supporting victims of human trafficking. Kristin, who runs the Pearl Market Freedom a la Cart tent every week, has made HUGE strides in her skills and goals since joining last year. CONGRATS, Kristin!

From Freedom ala Cart’s newsletter:

Meet Kristin!

Mom. Student. And a dedicated team player as part of our workforce development program. Kristin is celebrating her one year FREEDOM-VERSARY this month and has plenty of reasons to smile due to her own achievements and purposeful steps toward self-sufficiency!

Before joining Freedom a la Cart, Kristin had been out of the workforce for 10 years. She was looking for a job that would fit her schedule with her two children and found Freedom to be a safe-haven of hope where she could continue to recover and gain vital work experience. While at Freedom, Kristin has graduated from the CATCH Court program, gotten her driver’s license reinstated and participated in our Savings Match Program.  

After getting connected to Freedom, Kristin has truly thrived in her role on the kitchen team and is a light to be around! And she’s fantastic with customers! Look for her making deliveries or selling Freedom’s delicious food at the Pearl Market. Kristin just hit her 5-year sobriety date; and we couldn’t be more proud of her!

Skills such as time management and communication have transferred to her personal life, as she’s not only juggling work and family, but she now also attends Columbus State Community College. We’re looking forward to having Kristin serve as an intern this fall in the supportive services side of Freedom a la Cart! She will graduate next summer with an Associates degree in Social & Human Service as a licensed mental health professional.

What’s her favorite thing about working at Freedom?  “The love and the support of the staff and team that we have!” She appreciates how responsive Freedom is to her needs. “They’ll help you with whatever you need.” 

We love you Kristin! 

Bonus Q & A with Kristin:
Fave Food? Definitely Mexican Food!
Favorite Color? Pink!
Favorite Summer Activity? I love swimming!

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