Shopping Tips

Buy Local, Eat Local

To support entrepreneurs, grow the local economy, save time, slim your waistline (or even your grocery budget), shopping at farmers’ markets is the easiest way. Stop by Pearl Market to ask your growers about their locally raised produce!

These tips will give you the most out of your market day experience:

  1. Talk to the farmers! Most farmers are excited to talk about their work, their farms and what they grow. Don’t hesitate to ask farmers for preparation ideas for produce that you have not purchased in the past. Often, farmers have recipe ideas for produce they’re selling. Check out our blog throughout the season for recipe ideas as well.
  2. Be Green. Carry your own bags to give yourself a mini-workout AND make sure everything gets home safe! A backpack can make the hauling easier, especially for weighty or bulky items.
  3. Be Spontaneous. Discovering new foods is part of the fun of going to the Pearl Market! Zucchini blossoms, kohlrabi, endives – learn something while exploring. You might just find your new favorite thing!