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2020 Pearl Market presents:

Central Ohio Farmers Market Collaborative

First brought together by our work on the 2018 Farmers Market Promotion Program grant awarded to the Ohio Farmers Market Network, the Pearl Market along with the Bexley Farmers Market, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Farmers Market and Upper Arlington Farmers Market are furthering our collaboration.

low us to introduce to you the Central Ohio Farmers Market Collaborative (COFMC). The Collaborative is a group of independently operated farmers markets in Central Ohio (currently the four of us), offering consistency and simplicity to farmers market vendors through the creation and adoption of the Farmers Market Vendor Handbook. The Farmers Market Vendor Handbook will:

  • Define the types of vendors admitted to our 4 farmers markets; 
  • Provide a consistent set of rules and regulations between participating markets; 
  • Simplify the application process for farmers markets vendors. 

Pearl Market is excited to form the COFMC with the intention of saving you, the vendors, time and effort! By standardizing expectations of conduct and quality across participating markets, we hope to streamline and condense the process for your convenience and peace of mind. I’m very excited to make it even easier for vendors to succeed and customers to get the highest quality products. Thanks for joining in the journey!

In addition to establishing a common application and a set of guidelines, we have identified core values adopted by members of the collaborative including: 

EFFICIENCY – Reducing administrative time spent in the application process; 

CONSISTENCY – Easing the burden of knowing (and keeping straight) the rules and regulations of multiple markets; 

QUALITY – Increasing the quality of vendors, products and markets themselves by adopting clear and common sense rules;  

RESPONSIBILITY – “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating our new collaboration. (You might also feel some relief, which is a-okay with us!)

And one last thing: by applying to one or more markets in the Collaborative, you may also be considered and offered an opportunity at a market for which you did not apply. Pretty cool, huh?


Here’s to a successful 2020!

frequently asked

what do I need to be a vendor?

  • all appropriate local, state, and federal licenses, permits, and compliances
  • $1,000,000 Liability Insurance naming “Capital Crossroads SID” as Additional Insured
  • a friendly disposition for market day!

What about parking?

Discounted $8 parking is offered in the Buckeye Garage (55 E Long St) one block north of the market. Details at Orientation.

Otherwise, parking is self-pay at the Gay St meters, the Gay & 3rd St surface lot, or wherever you can find it. Downtown, baby!

I’m a vendor, how do i apply?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the season. Apply here.

I’m a performer, how can I play at pearl market?

We’re always looking for talented musicians (and other types of entertainers) with a good attitude and fun vibe. If you fit the bill, apply to GCAC’s Street Performer program, then drop a line to to let us know.

I’m a local business/non-profit owner, may i apply to the market?

We’re happy to have partners that align with our values and mission. Check out our about page to see if that’s you, and if so we’ll find you a booth. Email for more info.

I have another question – help!

Contact Sam, the market manager, by phone (614.591.4559) or email ( for more info.

what Licenses and permits do I need?

While we will cover this in more depth at Orientation, it is, dear Vendor, your responsibility to find what you need. Needs will depend upon the goods you are selling (farm vs. cottage food vs. hot food vs. arts/goods). Common licenses include:
State of Ohio Vendor’s License
Mobile Food Permit
Home Bakery License
Food vendors, see Columbus Public’s Health’s Introduction to Mobile Food Units.

Is sales reporting required?

Yes! You will be responsible for reporting your daily sales for the market to use in aggregate to secure funding and observe trends. Sam WILL hunt you down if you don’t turn in your info!

Do you take cards, snap, Produce Perks, wic, or senior farmers market coupons?

Yes! We’re proud to accept all forms of payment. Customers can either swipe in exchange for tokens to spend, or buy from you directly.

are all market products ohio-made?

Pearl Market gives preference to farmers, food producers, and artisans who source their materials locally. We promise that every vendor you meet is an Ohio-based small business owner, but cannot guarantee the source of all materials.

is all market produce organic?

Most of our farmers and food producers use organic methods of pest control, soil enrichment, and crop production, but without the cost-prohibitive “certified organic” label.

Preference is given to farmers who use organic, sustainable, or biodynamic methods.


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